Supta Yoga Nantucket is a community oriented yoga studio that works to cultivate a dynamic twist on yoga while honoring the deep rooted techniques + traditions. We offer an accessible yoga practice that is meant to inspire - we teach yoga as a preventative healing modality that promotes self-care and active engagement within a healthy lifestyle.

Our classes emphasize safe alignment  in graceful and intelligently sequenced hatha and vinyasa styled practices, as well as yin and restorative yoga.  All classes are designed in 60, 75, and 90min formats in both heated (90-98°F) and unheated environments. Some classes have creatively curated music while other classes are taught purely through vocal instruction.

We hope to facilitate healing and empowerment through yoga practice as well as a deeper connection to oneself and community. We strive to operate as a green studio,  hoping to create a positive impact on the environment by thinking globally but acting locally.


  • Root to Rise (heated): a foundational practice built to ground - accessible to all.
  • Freestyle Flow (warmed): an energetic, intelligently sequenced vinyasa practice structured around an intentional theme or peak pose - level II / III. 
  • Yang/Yin (warmed): an invigorating vinyasa flow met with an extended yin sequence designed to create more space within the connective tissue - accessible to all.
  • Yin (cool): experience longer holds (3-5min) in order to create more space within connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments in the legs, hips, spine and shoulders - this is a great practice for athletes - accessible to all. 
  • Align & Refine (warmed): a hatha practice that focuses on refining alignment, presence in each posture, and integrating the mind body connection -accessible to all.
  • Forty Twenty (warmed): this sixty minute asana practice infuses together forty minutes of invigorating vinyasa and twenty minutes of blissful restorative poses stitched together with pranayama, aromatherapy, and meditation. 
  • Renew & Restore (warmed):  renew and restore your mind and body - in this practice we will use props (bolsters, blocks, blankets etc.)  to set up  in restorative postures for long holds - intended to calm your nervous system & renew your energy source from the inside out - accessible to all. 
  • Live Music Karma Class (warmed): a live music donation based class - all proceeds donated to our local karma initiatives - accessible to all. 
  • Community Class (heated): a donation based class built to make yoga more accessible on island - accessible to all.