Meg Rohrer (Director of Supta Yoga Nantucket) : 

I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years, first introduced to the discipline in New Orleans, Louisiana it was not long before I felt the benefits of a consistent yoga practice both on and off the mat.  I began my studies under the guidance of Dina Tsouluhas, Britton Darby, Sarah Nuefeld, and Guillaume Brun of Moksha Yoga in Montreal, Canada and New York City.  I continue to dedicate myself as both a student and a teacher of this practice most recently studying alongside Schuyler Grant of Wanderlust and the Kula Yoga Project. 

I am an endlessly curious being whose aim is to inspire while offering a supportive and challenging practice initiated and guided by breath.

Evie-Marie O'Connor :

I love the idea that our yoga practice is a platform to explore all the different layers of self.  Through the practice, we are able to transcend the habitual patterns of our bodies. Through the breath, we find our way out of our mind and back into the present moment. I teach a variety of styles that change depending on the setting and intention.  Regardless of style, my classes are designed around balance: an equality between effort and ease, movement and stillness, thinking and feeling.  

Gregory St. Aubin :

I started practicing yoga in Vancouver, British Columbia when I was 18 and since then yoga has helped me to love and accept the person I am today while I progress towards the human I strive to be tomorrow. I completed my 200hr YTT at Samma Karuna in 2015. For me, to study yoga is to study being human. My goal in teaching is to inspire you to to embrace your own curiosity in being human. Although some days I do still wish I were a cat, it is a gift to be human, and a great opportunity to practice yoga. 


Shannon Hill :

My yoga journey began while traveling in Australia and Southeast Asia and under the guidance of my dad, a longtime yoga teacher and practitioner. I completed my initial teacher training with Karolina Sharma in Dharamsala, India and I've since studied with Geoffrey Roniger in New Orleans, Louisiana - my home for the past 12 years. My classes are designed to create awareness through a challenging yet accessible flow rooted in alignment. I'm a lover of plants, travel, and coffee. 

Carlisle Hodges :

My teaching foundation was built upon Stephanie Keach’s 200 hour Vinyasa Flow program in Asheville, NC that I attended in 2013. As a student I am inspired by a variety of asana practices and alternative modalities of healing. I try to weave in components of this inspiration into my classes. The physical practice of yoga creates a relationship to the body and that becomes a beautiful platform to dive in deeper. As a teacher I aspire to offer a safe space for individuals to explore their mind, body, and soul. 

Jessica Jenkins :

Jessica received her 200hr certification from Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica studying under Don and Amba Stapleton and Kevin Courtney of The Bridge Practice and formally of Kula Yoga Project, NYC.  Jessica is a local photographer on Island and creator of Nantucket Yoga. She has spent the last 15 years practicing yoga and six of those years teaching yoga. Jessica feels that aside from shooting with the camera, yoga is the greatest form of self-expression and awareness. She has discovered that slow island living embraces the art of yoga – making every little thing a practice.

She has studied with several teachers over the years, but her own personal practice is heavily influenced by her very favorite friend and teacher, Kevin Courtney; she fuses together yoga, Qi gong and meditation.  Her teaching style varies depending on the type of class, but all her instruction involves precise movements that promise to deliver freedom in all areas of the body. As well as, breath sequencing that cultivates awareness and movement of energy.

If you wish to gain insight in to the art of being more vibrant, more awake and a more engaged human being, check the current schedule for her classes.


Paul Bruno : 

Paul has been a practicing yoga student for close to thirty years and has been teaching for fifteen. His Vinyasa style has been heavily influenced by Erich Schiffmann and the founding members of Sacred Movement. His Yin teachings come directly from Paul Grilley, the central figure around which Yin Yoga spirals.

Paul’s Yin and Vinyasa class revolves around the idea that muscle isn’t the only tissue that needs training, that connective tissue health is as important as muscle health, and that strength and elasticity of muscle tissue, as well as, flexibility at joint level are of equal importance.

Paul has lived most of his life on Nantucket. His favorite color is grey.

Ieva Aldins :

When I took my first Yoga Teacher Training in India, I was asked why I was there. The answer: because every day I practice yoga, is a better day. I passionately believe in the knowledge each of us posses in our bodies. Yoga unlocks that knowledge. It works the body on an energetic and a cellular level. My classes are intended to bring students into full presence with themselves, to rejuvenate and leave you feeling refreshed. Yoga has the power to transform, to strengthen, to release and to heal. It can be playful, fun and it feels good! My classes are accessible to all levels of practitioners. I am certified in the classical hatha lineage of Sivananda yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and aerial yoga. I also have a deep interest in therapeutic modalities of yoga.

I love traveling and surfing and connecting with people. Yoga has incredible powers to facilitate that connection. I have taught yoga in Nantucket, India, Central America and spent this past winter in Morocco leading yoga and surf retreats. More recently, I was asked why I teach yoga. The answer: Because I love helping people feel good, realize their potential, and for the connection I feel through teaching.